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Zinc Recycling Plants

R.K. Thermal Engineers are the biggest manufacturer and supplier of a Zinc recycling plant manufacture in Faridabad. Our furnace is designed as per the industrial norms and is one of the most durable and long-running furnaces in the market.

Features :
Our Zinc recycling plant possesses some amazing features as it can be rotated as well as tilted. The working process of these furnaces is so simple and easy to understand. Firstly lead scrap is loaded in a furnace along with smelting flux and then the furnace is locked. The material is heated with the help of oil or gas burner which is mounted on the door until it reaches the melting point. Heating is comparatively faster because of the horseshoe flame design. This is considered as the speciality of our furnace as because of quick heating, consumption of oil and melt loss is very less as compared to the other conventional tube furnace.