Scrap Sorting Equipments

R.K. Thermal Engineers is engaged in serving you with one of the best scrap sorting equipment in the industry. This equipment provides precise separation of ferrous, non-ferrous metals and stainless steel from pre-sorted materials or mixed municipal waste streams. This may sound impractical but our team of experts engineer has made this possible. The waste stream transports the metal material on a high-speed conveyor and computer processes the obtained signal variations from each coil across the belt and fires a precise air pulse that moves the targeted metals across a splitter and into a catcher hood. Our professional experts have designed this machine as per international standards and are available at affordable prices. Following are the few incredible features that this equipment possesses:


  • 1. Separates small metal contaminants from glass cullet, plastic flake and e-scrap
  • 2. Split configuration optional
  • 3. Color touch-screen user interface with remote modem/Ethernet access
  • 4. Statistics and quality reports download options
  • 5. Low maintenance due to no moving parts


Scrap Sorting Equipments

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