Pit Furnace

We are offering various sorts of pit furnaces which are applied for heating various metals or alloys of metals. These are offered in various sizes, patterns, specifications and are either gas fired or fuel fired. These can perform at different temperatures and have been designed in manners that the heat loss is highly reduced. Safe operation is a necessary part of this furnace as the fan and heating elements have been completely separated from the load chamber. Metal lining is preferred and utilized in the complete work chamber which provides the furnace high durability.

Following are the features of pit furnace:

They can withstand continuous operation

Some of the pit furnace have plug in type of door/retort cover

Temperature is distributed uniformly

For longer element life heating elements operate on low surface load

The furnace is well insulated by using high quality bricks/ceramic fiber for energy conservation

Latest pit furnace uses automatic temperature control by digital controller with safety back-up non-indicating controller

Furnace operation is safe because of the use of safety interlocks and protection devices

Using fan motor with shaft and blades of heat resistant material with water cooled bearings air circulation is effected

Pit type furnace has very good hermetic sealing

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