Combustion Heating & Pumping Unit

Our fine quality Combustion Heating and pumping units have been designed to offer a pre-heat to the fuels at the required pressure. The excess fuel, which remains unused, is then offered back to the heating and pumping unit and is known as a ring main system. This system provides help in returning the excess and unused fuel, back to the heating and pumping unit. The Duplex models are renowned for their quality and offer the advantage of one fuel pump working at a time, whereas the other pump is kept to be used; in case of failure of the working pump. Our products are known for long service lives and every unit is fitted with standard heavy-duty fittings and properly tested for pressure flow and heating capacity.

Other Information:

Pay mode terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)

Minimum order quantity: 1 Pound

Port of dispatch: Mumbai/ Kenyatta

Production capacity: 50

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