Batch Type Forging Furnaces

We are offering excellent quality pusher/batch type forging furnaces which are very popular in the market and are largely used for ferrous and non ferrous forgings. Our forging furnaces are designed from effective technology and they use the best mix burner. Moreover, they are renowned for long lives and provide optimum heat performance. Further, it also includes optional accessories like automatic on/off system panel board. To improve and increase the overall efficiency of the furnace and quality of the products, the burner has been fitted on the roof. It ultimately helps the materials below on the hearth to be heated in a better and direct manner. We follow international guidelines and always use a recuperation to improve the operations of the furnace and to save more energy.


Low fuel consumption

Burning losses are minimum (less than 1%)

These furnaces are either oil fired of gas fired

Continuous availability of stock at the rated capacity

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